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Surveying and Mapping Solutions

Dotnetix Collision Avoidance and Fatigue Management Systems

Fatigue Management and Collision Avoidance using the latest Artificial Intelligence Technology

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Machine Control Systems

High-value machine guidance solutions for high-precision GNSS-based machine control and guidance applications. Carlson is a next generation machine high precision GPS guidance systems for excavators and dozers.

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GPS & RTK Products

The most comprehensive, rugged GPS/RTK Solutions on the market. Full Constellation Coverage, Built in MEMS Tilt Sensors and 3-year warranty standard.

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Data Collectors & Rugged Tablets

Rugged tablets and Powerful Data Collectors for Extreme Conditions.

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Software Solutions

Wide range of software solutions for field data collection and network processing.

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Network Solutions

Solutions suitable for monitoring, machine control and CORS reference station. Connect to data streams such as radio, serial port, Bluetooth, WIFI and 4G network.

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