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Tec-Niche works with leading edge manufacturers to provide some of the most efficient, reliable technology in the market today. Working with our dealer network across Canada, we provide industry support from experienced, engaged staff. We strive to help our customers succeed in an ever-changing construction technology landscape, while ensuring uptime, safety, and profitability.

Working with Tec-Niche and our local dealership network, contractors learn how easy it is to utilize technology that makes life on the jobsite flow without interruption — significantly increasing production while providing accuracy and lowering operating costs. With support from leading manufacturers, Tec-Niche Solutions strive to offer what our customers need to succeed – reliability, efficiency with strict attention to the bottom line.

Whether you choose to start small or go all in, the expanded capability of our products will enable you to earn more bids and be more profitable, project after project.


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Our Mission


Our Mission is to understand our customers needs and deliver exceptional solutions.


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How Accurate are e-Survey GNSS RTK systems?

Modern GNSS RTK systems can provide a relative accuracy of 0.8cm +/- 1ppm horizontal and 1.5cm +/- 1ppm in the vertical. This relative accuracy can be translated into absolute accuracy using Monuments. All the GNSS RTK systems Tec-Niche provides are capable of this level of accuracy.

How much does an RTK GPS system cost?

Modern GNSS RTK systems are comparable in price to robotic total stations, while providing a much higher level of productivity. As with robotic total stations, prices will vary depending on the manufacturer. With Tec-Niche and e-Survey, you will receive the best value for your money.

Why does Hemisphere GPS cost less than Trimble and Topcon?

Hemisphere has been making GNSS components for the past 30 years, initially being introduced to the OEM, Marine and Agricultural GNSS markets. In the last 8 years have they focused on the Land Surveying and Construction markets. To gain rapid market share in these markets, Hemisphere GNSS has introduced very aggressive pricing and advanced RTK GNSS technology within these industries. Test it yourself and experience the difference!